Ideal Extension of S by T

  1. T と S は半群.T は 0 を含むとする.
    Let T and S be semigroups and assume T contains 0.

  2. Tの0を裂く
    Tear the 0 in T.

  3. Tの裂いた0の穴を広げて,整える
    Enlarge the hole of 0 in T and mke the hole smooth.

  4. Tの0の穴に半群Sを入れると
    Put the semigroup S into the hole of T

    あとは,演算を整えれば,Ideal Extension of S by T が出来上がる.
    Then, define the operation to whole, and you get the Ideal Extension of S by T.

    Let's define the multiplication of the undefined combinations in the multiplication table.

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